Hello, I’m Jeanette, a software developer in Colorado currently working on Pivotal Tracker. I have experience developing, maintaining and deploying software across several platforms: desktop, mobile, and across the full stack of the web. In my community, I give back by speaking at user groups and conferences, as well as sharing my knowledge and experiences by blogging. I’ve also taught classes for Girl Develop It and I mentor for FIRST Robotics.

Things that interest me

  • Robotics
  • Web Application Architecture
  • Accessibility
  • Effective TDD
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Harry Potter
  • Doctor Who
  • Skateboarding
  • Snowboarding
  • Travel
  • Spanish Language
  • Learning New Things


An enthusiastic new speaker, I've given several local and regional conference talks.


Codemash 2015

Deconstructing Single Page Applications

Southeast Michigan JavaScript

  • Intro to Emmet for faster HTML YouTube
  • Ember Data Roller Coaster YouTube
  • Drawing the Performance of your WebApp Slides

Ann Arbor PyLadies

  • Intro to the Agile Development Process
  • How to Refactor
  • Math in Python - numpy and scipy
  • Simple, Functional Python

Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing 2015

  • Panelist: Software Teams in Industry

Girl Develop It Ann Arbor

  • Intro to Python (4 sessions)